About Company

Dear Sir or Madam!

Roofs we have been for many years. At that time, we have gained a wealth of experience, which we still use in our work. Roofing and carpentry is not only our profession, but also a great passion. Dealing with your roofs, even the smallest, gives us great pleasure. Customer satisfaction confirms our belief that what we do makes sense and we do it well.


We offer services for all roofing work and repairs of roofs, as well as wooden structures, truss roof terraces and the construction of houses in the Canadian system. We have a wide range of services and advice. Upon request, we additional work associated with the processing of the roof and repair. We are always happy to offer advice on the selection of and projetowaniu roof structure and functionality.

Concerned about the effect of the final use of professional equipment and we cooperate with reputable roofing companies and warehouses.
We try to make each created our roof was made professionally adapted to your expectations. We want services performed by us you could enjoy its beauty for many years. We focus on professionalism, honesty and integrity.


                                                        We invite you to use our services .